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In memory
It all started in 1987

When I got my very firt dog – Giant Schnauzer Jola.

It all started in 1987 when I got my very first dog – a Giant Schnauzer Jola. I have to thank her for taking me into the wonderful world of cynology and for falling in love with SCHNAUZERS, forever!
Jola had quite a demanding character, at least for a beginner. She was always full of ideas as well as stupidity. Hard,but inside sensitive, incredibly intelligent, loyal… Those of you who have schnauzers probably know what I’m talking about.
In 1990, Jola had her first litter and I registered a kennel under the name “Jola’s Black Demon”. I kept a puppy named Roxana Jola’s Black Demon from her last litter. Roxa was my soul dog, the one you have only once in your life. She left us in 2008, aged 14, saying goodbye was so hard for me.

Giant Schnauzer Jola




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